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Better battery production

How to improve coatings and adhesive bonds in battery production

Following the trends of modern mobility, the requirements for batteries are increasing both in terms of dimensioning and packing density. If you want to know how to improve the mechanical properties of your batteries to meet new and always higher standards, this webinar is for you!



Find out how surface science can help you build better batteries

The life expectancy of lithium-ion batteries is closely linked to the coating adhesion strength of lithium-ion battery electrodes. Testing the adhesion strength allows prediction of the mechanical bond before it is actually used, saving time and money.

Join this focus webinar by our application expert Dr. Daniel Frese and find out how the adhesion strength between the electrode coating and the substrate is affecting your battery quality and how to measure and improve this mechanical property.


What you can expect

We will pick crucial steps in cell and battery production and show you how to apply the methods of interfacial science to understand, optimize and control these steps.

Look forward to an insightful presentation, where Dr. Frese guides you through typical challenging steps in cell and battery production, presenting examples of what typical pitfalls may be and how to walk around them with confidence.



Electrode production: Coating of foils

  • What are typical challenges in electrode production?
  • Cleanliness and activation of the foils
  • Viscosity and surface tension of the slurries
  • Make predictions for coating and bonding, using ADVANCE software

From cells to battery systems

  • Cell coating
  • Cell-to-cell bonding
  • Module-to-tray bonding
  • Wire bonding
  • Surface energy as a crucial parameter to understand, optimize and control these coating and bonding steps

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Join this webinar (on demand) presented by Dr. Daniel Frese (Application Market Manager, KRÜSS) to get to know the key to successful battery production.


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