Focus Webinar on June 27, 2024 (2 timeslots)

Beyond the Bubbles: Fighting Foam in Coatings

The presence of foam can be detrimental to the application of a coating to any surface. In this live webinar, we will go “beyond the bubbles” and highlight the ways coating producers and users can identify foam and fight it when present.

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What you can expect

During the webinar, we will unpack the impact of foam in coatings and discuss:

  • The basics of foam and what makes it bad for coatings.

  • How you can quickly detect the presence of foam in a coating prior to application, before it’s too late.

  • Typical processes for eliminating foam in coatings.

  • Methods that can be used to effectively test the efficiency of any anti-foaming additives in coatings.



  • Measurements of rate of foam formation and precise foam height

  • Rate of foam decay when using defoamers (how well is your defoamer working)

  • Foam characterizations

Live Webinar

Register now for this live webinar hosted by Dr. Andrew Mellor (Application Market Manager, KRÜSS) to learn more about our solutions for fighting foam in the coatings industry.

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2024

Timeslot 1: 9 AM CEST (7 AM UTC)

Timeslot 2: 4 PM CEST (2 PM UTC)

The webinar lasts approx. 1 hour, including a Q&A session.



Register now for the webinar