Focus Webinar

How 3D Contact Angle measurement
revolution­izes quality control

QC inspections for pre-treated, cleaned or coated surfaces never succeed without prior knowledge – until now. With Ayríís, assessments of drop images or pre- and post-processing for difficult surfaces are a thing of the past. The technologically new 3D Contact Angle method provides an accurate and definite measurement value. Taking a measurement is correspondingly simple: place Ayríís, click, and read the unmistakable result in seconds.



What you can expect

  • Understand the scientific background behind contact angle measurement.
  • Learn why the liquid needle is the only dosing system that intrinsically avoids deposition effects on the contact angle.
  • See how the 3D Contact Angle method makes contact angle measurement 100% user independent and reliable.


  • Why is clean water an indispensable pre-requisite for any wettability test?
  • How does drop deposition affect the contact angle and therefore your results?
  • How does Ayríís speak dyne?
  • How does the 3D Contact Angle measurement overcome poor baseline detection – the most critical part of optical contact angle measurements?

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