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Turn your packaging challenges into opportunities

Surface preparation and activation is the key to successful packaging solutions

The packaging industry is facing a variety of challenges when it comes to producing innovative and sustainable solutions. If you want to turn the challenges into competitive advantages and create flexible packaging solutions that exceed industry standards, this webinar is for you!



Find out how surface science can help you build better packaging

The coming ‘green revolution’ is a significant driving force behind the development of more sustainable solutions in the packaging industry. That said, switching to fully mono-material designs or incorporating things like recycled polymers and bio-based coatings often presents challenges for production.

From optimizing adhesives and inks to controlling barrier properties and lamination, understanding, and matching the surface properties of a material with the coating being applied is essential to controlling aspects such as wettability, drop spreading, dye uptake, short/long-term adhesion, appearance, print quality etc.

Join this focus webinar presented by our application expert Dr. Andrew Mellor and discover how you can optimize and control your materials to prevent production failures and enhance the quality of your flexible packaging solutions.


What you can expect

  • Get to know different activation treatments (Corona, Plasma and others) to prepare your surface for coating, printing, and bonding.
  • Learn more about the effects of surface activation and its advantages and risks.
  • Discover when to use test inks and why they don’t tell the full truth.



  • Why does surface activation make sense and what are the different methods?
  • When is activation enough and is it too much?
  • How can the cleanliness of a surface be checked?
  • What problems can surface activation cause?
  • Test inks – rules of thumb and when to use them.

Webinar on demand

Join this focus webinar presented by Dr. Andrew Mellor (Application Market Manager, KRÜSS) to get to know the key to successful packaging solutions.

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