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Troubleshooting adhesive bonding failures

When it comes to your health, it is often a team of medical professionals that determine the remedy. A surgeon might prescribe surgery, a pharmacist might recommend a new prescription, and a life coach might implement lifestyle changes.

Likewise, when you have an adhesive bonding failure, getting insights from an adhesive producer, a surface characterization solutions provider, and a surface treatment supplier can offer deeper understanding.



What you can expect

  • Our experts teamed up with Enercon (plasma/flame treaters) and Ellsworth (adhesives), to share our combined best practices for troubleshooting adhesive failure issues.
  • Understand adhesive chemistry.
  • Learn how surface and adhesive diagnostics tools provide in-depth analysis.
  • Discover how preparing surfaces can lead to improved adhesion.



  • What are the steps to ensuring optimum performance of adhesives?
  • What are some common solutions to adhesive failure?
  • What does surface free energy tell me about wetting behavior?
  • What do surface tension measurements tell me about my adhesive?
  • What does plasma do to a surface?
  • How does plasma treating improve bonding?


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Join this webinar (on demand) presented by Frederick Fiddler (Technical Manager, KRÜSS) to learn best practices for troubleshooting adhesive failure issues.



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